• The number one cause of calf mortality is diarrhea which is

caused by a multitude of different things [1].  Such as bacteria, viruses, and diet. The number one causes is an overgrowth of intestinal Escherichia coli1.  Many of these cases can be prevent by proper calf hygiene [2].

  • It is important to ensure the calving pen has fresh

clean bedding. When managing the claves it is important that the people who come into contact with the them do not bring in bacteria, and viruses from the adult cows. Clean boots and clothes should be used when tending to the calves [2]. To learn more about calf hygiene check out this video ☀

  • Some of the most common disinfectants used for dairy calf pens are Iodine, and

glutaraldehyde [3]. A common practice is also medicated calf milk replacers [4].  Chlortetracycline, Oxytetracycline, and  Oxytetracycline/ neomycin can be added to milk replacers to treat E. Coli infections causes scours.


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